To some people, the toughest part of quitting smoking is dealing with the nicotine cravings that come with it.

One way to overcome the need for nicotine when you stop smoking is to partially replace the nicotine that you would have had from smoking with the use of nicotine replacement therapy, like the nicotine patch. As your body adapts to having less, you will experience the urge to smoke less often. Over time, you can gradually wean yourself off of nicotine over the course of an 8 or 10 week period.*

Nicotine patches like NicoDerm® CQ® are just one form of nicotine replacement therapy. They look like adhesive bandages and stick onto the skin in the same way. The sticky side of the patch contains a layer of nicotine. While you wear the patch, nicotine passes through the skin into your blood. This delivers nicotine in a steady stream, helps reduce the nicotine cravings that come from quitting and helps you use your determination to quit smoking.

NicoDerm CQ features Extended Release SmartControl® Technology so it acts fast and helps relieve your cravings all day long. And since it’s a thin, clear patch, it’s easy to wear discreetly.

*When used as directed. Consult the user’s guide for complete directions and other important information.