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The support you need to help fight cigarette cravings all day long.**


** Craving relief associated with quitting smoking. Individual results vary.

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Which strength should I start on?

NicoDerm® CQ® comes in 3 steps, each with a different dosage of nicotine.

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How does NicoDerm CQ work?

Learn about the science behind NicoDerm CQ and how it can help you quit smoking.

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Gum, Lozenge, or Patch?

Not sure which nicotine replacement product is right for you? Answer a few simple questions to help you choose.

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I was using the 21 mg patches for about a month. I have not smoked 1 cig since I made the commitment to stop.

By Anthony B. on May 8, 2017 

You know why. We know how.

Everyone has a why. Get inspired by these successful quitters and discover your why .

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